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If you have a question about our Pre-School please click on staff@kempsfordpreschool.co.uk to submit your question and we will attempt to answer it for you as soon as we possibly can.

1. How many children can the Pre-School take at any one session?
We can take up to 20 children per session but there are other factors that determine how many children we can take, we have to have the correct staffing ratio which it depends on the ages of the children.

2. Do you provide hot meals at lunch time?
Kempsford Pre-School does not provide hot lunches, however some of our children have a hot meal which is provided by Kempsford Primary School's supplier.

3. Do I need to put name tags on all my child's clothing?
Yes. It is the only way we can match the child to their clothing and bags.

4. I have only used part of the government's free 15 hour allowance. Can I have a refund on the hours unused?
The funding hours cannot be refunded as they have to be used in an Ofsted registered setting.

5. My child is not potty trained. Is this a problem?
Potty training is no problem. We have a lot of experience in this area. We supply each child with a Pre-School bag in which we ask you to supply your child's own nappies and wet wipes. We have no means of nappy disposal on site so we double bag the nappy for you to dispose of.

6. How do you communicate with parents?
We communicate daily at the end of your child's session on how their day has been, daily activities and any other important information. Every child has a 'Pre-School to home diary' which parents use to communicate with their child's key worker, this helps as sometimes grandparents or childminders drop children off; it allows us to have regular communication with you as parents. We have parents' afternoons to talk about your child's development and have a look through your child's journals. However not every parent can make these appointments, so we promote that we are always here for you as a parent to drop in and have an update of your child's development.

7. What sort of snacks do you provide and are they healthy?
All our snacks are healthy - we serve fruit and vegetables every day. Water is always available and children can help themselves to a drink throughout the day.

8. Will I need to provide a lunch for my child who will be attending all day?
Yes. Full-day children need to bring a packed lunch from home and we recommend this contains at least one piece of fruit and not items containing nuts as we are a nut free setting.

9. Do I get a refund for any sessions missed by my child?
No I am afraid not, as the sessions are booked and paid for in advance and we have to staff those sessions.

10. What do I do if my child is sick?
If your child is sick or has a contagious illness you will need to follow our policies on illness at Pre-School. The policy states that for sickness or diarrhoea your child will not be able to attend the setting until 48 hours after your child's last bowel movement or sickness, this is to stop contamination and keep good hygiene.

11. Am I able to book additional sessions?
Yes you are able to book additional sessions as long as the staff to children ratio is not exceeded. We work on a strict ratio and are limited in the number of children who can attend at any one time. We will always try to meet your needs and you should speak to a member of staff to see if we have any available sessions.

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